Naroska wants consistency from two-faced Torpedoes

UWA Torpedoes men’s coach Florian Naroska sees his team as one with two faces right now but he hopes they can find a way to perform better for longer moving forward starting this weekend in two games against the Adelaide Jets.

The Torpedoes had their chances to get their second win of the 2018 OVO Australian Water Polo League season on the board last weekend twice at home to the Drummoyne Devils, especially on Sunday ending up losing in a penalty shootout having led 4-2 during the third quarter.

That means that UWA still has just the one win for the season from 10 games making this week’s double at home to the Adelaide Jets on Thursday and Saturday nights all the more critical.


Like with any young team, the Torpedoes are struggling for consistency so far this season and that’s both during games, and from game to game.

Last weekend was a prime example of that against Drummoyne. On Friday night, they put together a terrific third quarter with five goals but only managed one in the other three quarters to lose by two goals.

Then on Sunday, the Torpedoes were in control leading 4-2 during the third quarter but conceded the game’s last two goals and then made just two shots in the penalty shootout while the Devils made all five of theirs.

That inconsistency from his team, and indeed the referees, is leading to some frustration for Naroska in his first season as coach.

“We are a team with two faces right now. We can play really bad water polo and two days later we can play excellent water polo,” Naroska said.

“We showed on the weekend that we actually can play water polo. It was quite a good performance from all the boys and everyone involved in the team, but that makes it a bigger disappointment to lose than usual.

“Especially on Sunday when we were leading and it’s always hard to blame the refs, but we didn’t change how we were playing and suddenly we get turnover after turnover. It makes you angry but we can’t do anything about it now.”

One player improving week after week and game by game is American import Kevin Oliveira. While he’s still having his moments, overall the powerful left-hander is proving dangerous in the pool and Naroska couldn’t be more impressed with his passion for the sport.

“Kevin is working hard all the time and it’s not always successful what he’s doing, but you can see his passion and he’s really 100 per cent about water polo. He is interested with other games what happens around Australia and other leagues in Europe and back home at college,” he said.

“He is purely passionate and I’m really happy that we’ve got him in the water. Especially on the left-hand side he is causing a lot of danger and doing a lot of damage which is good for us as a team. He is also a really nice person as well so it’s a good combination I think.”

Tim Putt also had a good weekend against the Devils, including two goals and another in the penalty shootout on Sunday, but it’s what Naroska has been waiting for and expecting of him all season.

Putt might only be 20, but as a member of the Australian team Naroska is now calling on him to continue to stand up and show the way for the Torpedoes.

“Tim Putt is also a player who needs to keep stepping up now. He’s in the national team and he needs to show the coach of the national team that he needs to be in that team,” Naroska said.

“He is one of the biggest talents here, he is tall and has long arms and legs, he is a good swimmer, he’s fit and has a nice shot. I’m happy that he woke up on the weekend and is improving from game to game a bit more. He is taking a bit more responsibility which can be hard for a young player.”