Adelaide Jets come to UWA this Thursday, Saturday night

THE UWA Torpedoes remain at UWA Aquatic Centre in Round 6 of the OVO Australian Water Polo League for games against the Adelaide Jets on Thursday and Saturday nights.

For the second straight week, the Torpedoes welcome an interstate visitor for two games in a weekend when the Jets arrive to play on Thursday night from 7pm and then on Saturday night from 6.30pm.

Both Torpedoes teams are desperate to get their second wins of the season on the board while the Jets women arrive searching for their first win of 2018 while the Adelaide men are in good form having won four of six matches to date.


The Torpedoes women might have lost their last seven straight games since a win and draw in Newcastle against the Hunter Hurricanes, but that doesn’t quite tell the story of how competitive they have been.

Those seven defeats have come at a combined 12 goals so quite conceivably the Torpedoes could have considerable more than one win and a draw to show for the 2018 season to date.

Their opponents in Round 6 are a Jets team who has lost their opening six games but also have had their chances to get on the board.

Torpedoes coach Scott Schweickle certainly won’t be taking the Jets lightly and nor will his team.

He is hoping his players start to see some reward for their efforts though by getting some wins to match their often impressive performances in the pool.

“It doesn’t matter who we are playing against, Hunter only beat them by one goal last week and we beat Hunter by three in one game and drew the other after a penalty shootout. You can’t expect it to be easy and you have to go in with the same thought process that we have for every other game,” Schweickle said.

“Of course it’s important to start winning and we still have a lot of games to go so mathematically we can still make it if we win every game from here even though it’s going to be hard. We have been a lot more competitive this season and it’s a lot about development. We have a really young group but we feel that we are building.”

The 2018 season always threatened to be a challenging one for the Torpedoes men following the loss of the likes of Florian Naroska, Luke Quinlivan, Brett McGhie, Alex Bogunovich, Tom Rigoll, Jed Thompson and Lachie Vos.

While Naroska stepped into the coaching seat, he has watched on with his group showing some good signs with a new-look line up and a decidedly youthful one, but consistency so far has been the biggest stumbling block.

Again the Torpedoes had two good chances to win last weekend at home to the Drummoyne Devils, but couldn’t quite close the deal.

That means that to keep their fading finals hopes alive, they do need to come away with two wins against an improved Jets team this weekend. But it’s going to be far from easy with Adelaide having won four of six games.

Naroska, though, hopes to see the Torpedoes continue to improve and if they do that, the results will start looking after themselves.

“This year every game is quite hard. Adelaide won against Balmain who beat us so it’s always hard but if we play like we did in the last two games, and show what we are capable of doing, I think we should do well. I’m looking forward to some exciting games,” Naroska said.

“I actually don’t want to know the situation if we can reach the finals or not, we just have to take it from game to game and try to keep improving. I just want to see the boys get better and I hope in these games they can show that they can play water polo and that we are competitive in this league.”

UWA Torpedoes v Adelaide Jets – UWA Aquatic Centre (Women: 7.00pm)
UWA Torpedoes v Adelaide Jets – UWA Aquatic Centre (Men: 8.30pm)

UWA Torpedoes v Adelaide Jets – UWA Aquatic Centre (Women: 6.30pm)
UWA Torpedoes v Adelaide Jets – UWA Aquatic Centre (Men: 8.00pm)